Thank you for taking the time to read about the issues that I find important to the future of all Floridians. I’m here to serve the people and work for them, with them. If you feel I’m missing an important item or do not represent the best stance on one, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] so we can begin a discussion on how I can serve you better.


Florida is ranked 27th in PreK-12 education, and 46th in teachers’ pay. The push to privatize the school system with the implementation of more charter schools diverts state money to a program that does not benefit the majority of our state’s students. Protecting and investing in equal access to quality education has long term benefits for the citizens of our state. I will ensure that your tax dollars stay in public education to benefit all students of Lake County, not just the ones lucky enough to win the charter school lottery.

  • Implement vocational training programs back into our high schools
  • Support STEAM in all levels of public education


Florida’s environment is a beautiful and unique feature of the state. It’s time we analyze the current state of the environment and protect nature before it’s too late. Florida’s natural resources have benefited us, and can benefit our children and grandchildren so long as we establish a balance between development and protection. Large corporations have no place in taking advantage of an environment that belongs to the people.

  • Restrict off-shore drilling to protect our beaches
  • Target and control invasive species that ruin natural splendor


As a medical cannabis patient, I know the benefits this plant can bring to Florida. This is one of nature’s most useful plants, and its medicinal properties are surpassed only by the mass economic benefits that cannabis carries for our state. States like Colorado have already seen widespread decreases in opioid dependencies and overdoses following cannabis legalization, and I plan to bring these benefits to the state of Florida. The growth of cannabis has the additional ability to revolutionize our agricultural industry, a step I see as a necessity for future economic growth.

  • Legalize responsible, adult use of cannabis to increase tax revenues
  • Continue to support the Hemp Farming Act so Florida can become an agricultural leader again


We must take care of our current senior citizens and prepare for the upcoming rise in retired baby boomers. Social Security is simply not enough to meet many day-to-day needs of retired populations, and Florida needs to implement their own senior care system that can supplement federal Social Security income. I promise to take care of our senior citizens and make sure they never have to worry about where they are going to live after retirement or when they can afford their next bill.

  • Work with senior care programs in Lake County to address needs
  • Introduce a state-supported senior care system


We are a constantly expanding state, and we should address the long term infrastructure and support needed for our growing population. Florida’s roads are traversed by truckers, tourists, and locals on a daily basis and we should ensure they are always safe to travel on, as well as conveniently planned. Additionally, with increased costs of living and inflated prices of common goods, it’s vital that we enable families with the tools and wages they need to support themselves. I support fair wages and financial health education for all Floridians.

  • Assess current roads and bridges to determine longevity and safety
  • Introduce Florida for a Fair Wage and establish credit information programs


Our healthcare system needs reform. High prices, surprise billings, and predatory companies all contribute to the narrative that healthcare has become more focused on making money than on its purpose of saving lives. We should not be forcing people into debt because they fell ill or broke a bone. It’s time we prioritize the mental and physical health of all Floridians.

  • Prioritize preventative healthcare to keep our community healthy
  • Address the mental health needs not being met with the current system


We need smarter gun laws. I will never try to take away somebody’s property, and I do not want to stand by and allow guns into the hands of the wrong people. Our Constitution was built to protect the American people, and the right to own a gun should not infringe on the right of someone else to live. The Florida Legislature has already begun adding additional protections to gun laws, and I will continue this work to ensure our families are safe, whether or not they decide to purchase a firearm.

  • Support “No Fly, No Buy” for gun purchases
  • Introduce former veterans and officers as guards for all public schools


I believe everyone has a right to safety, no matter their religion, class, race, or other identities. Our state has been targeted by violent shootings and white supremacists, and we must take a stance against this hatred. I will solidify current policies and expand on them so they protect all Floridians and discourage those who do wish to bring harm to another person.

  • Establish greater accountability for hate speech, especially online
  • Strengthen sentencing policy against individuals who commit hate crimes


Citizens should be able to know where their tax dollars are being spent. The government needs to provide a full and comprehensive annual report that details every cent being spent at the state legislature. I support full transparency with government spending, and I want constituents to easily access spending records.

  • Publish annual budget reports for the state legislature
  • Make these reports understandable and accessible for all constituents


People should not be discriminated against because of their sex. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) would ban sex discrimination in divorce proceedings, employment, property rights, and other fields. I additionally believe we should offer health protection to the women in our lives so that they can make decisions between themselves and their doctors without the government in their bedroom.

  • Pass the ERA in the Florida Legislature
  • Allow women the right to choose their own reproductive health


  • Human Trafficking and Pedophilia: Work to expand programs protecting our citizens
  • LGBTQ+: Continue fighting for equality for all people 
  • Prison Reform: Abolish prison release re-offender laws and private prison system
  • Footloose Laws: RAVE Act reform and protections for nightlife industry
  • Credit Discrimination: Abolish use of credit checks for obtaining a job or renting a home 
  • Identity Theft: Fighting back and punishing those responsible
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