The Morales Family - Ryan, Tammy, Leilani and Anika MoralesRyan Morales was born in New York City to Colombian immigrant parents and raised in North Bergen, New Jersey. He graduated from North Bergen High School, then attended William Paterson University and the Institute of Audio Research. At an early age, Ryan entered the music entertainment industry, and by age 16 made a name for himself as a successful DJ.

After a severe back injury on the job, Ryan moved to South Florida in 2007 to seek a better life. He met his wife, Tammy and the two decided to permanently settle in Central Florida to raise their family. They currently own and run a local business, Delpuma Consulting Group, that assists with developing small businesses. He also volunteers within the community, coaches for a local youth football team, and serves as the Vice President for the Lake County Hispanic Caucus.

Ryanโ€™s position in Clermont as a family man and local business owner makes him a strong advocate for the people of Lake County. His investment in public schools comes from his wish for his two daughters to receive a quality education. Due to his back injury, Ryan became a medical cannabis patient, opting against opioid painkillers, and believes the state can be revitalized with a well-regulated cannabis industry. As a small businessman, he knows the pain of seeing large corporations take over a town and decrease opportunities for local workers.

For too long, our state has been taken by politicians who value party loyalty over their own people. My decision to run is not about the left or the right, because itโ€™s about doing the right thing. I will reach across the aisle to work on common-sense and fact-based compromises for all issues that help strengthen our community and save taxpayer money.


  • Ryan likes to rescue dogs and currently has two boxers, Ginger and Princess Leia, who run the house.
  • For lunch, Ryan loves visiting the local hotspots but his favorite is Mi Tierra in Mascotte for tacos.
  • Ryan is usually listening to “A New Hope – Music for Political Motivation.”
  • Growing up, Ryan was heavily involved in Scouts and got his first job as a newspaper delivery boy at age 13.
  • As an avid history buff, Ryan credits John F. Kennedy as his political role model.
  • Ryan has been a DJ since 1988 when he was only 12 years old. By the age of 16 he held residency at one of the biggest Nightclubs in NYC.
  • Favorite books include “The 10x Rule”, “Extreme Ownership”, “The Secret”, “Verbal Judo”, “The Art Of War”, & “Edgar Allen Poe’s Short Stories Collection”
  • Favorite TV shows include “Game Of Thrones”, “Family Guy”, “Man In The High Castle”, “The Boys”, & “The Simpsons”
  • Favorite Band/Artists “Depeche Mode”, “Trent Reznor”, “Tiesto”, & “Sting”
  • Ryan has trained in several different forms of martial arts as a child and young adult including Karate, Kung Fu, & Tae Kwon Do.