STATEMENT FROM RYAN MORALES: In Regards to Insensitive Comment Made

Press Contact: Laurence K.
Email: [email protected]
Date: 8/18/2022

STATEMENT FROM RYAN MORALES: In Regards to Insensitive Comment Made By Staff
On Wednesday, Aug 18th I received a call from reporters about a comment a staffer had made in response to JR and his team. After careful review, we decided it was best to part ways with the staffer. My campaign does not and will not tolerate any form of hate within my staff or from those who volunteer. 

I’m taking JR’s concerns very seriously, and have removed the staffer from his position. I agree that using inflammatory and hateful language should never be accepted in any form, and apologize for any harm caused by my staff or volunteers in their comments made online. While I certainly can’t control the points and views of people, I will ask my team to follow our rules for a diverse and equal workplace. Certainly, if we had known we would have acted sooner, and I’m grateful that the reporters had made us aware of this issue. 

As a Latino man, I know how deeply hurtful these kinds of experiences can be and I sincerely hope all candidates can rise above this kind of rhetoric and focus on the issues impacting our state. We respect our Jewish community and its leaders and will continue to fight any sort of hate targeted at any group. 

Thank you,
Ryan Morales
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