As the 2020 election season looms closer, Florida House candidate Ryan Morales provides How to Derail the Trump Train as a field guide for campaigns seeking blue success in a red world.

How to Derail the Trump Train takes candidates, campaign hopefuls, and volunteers through the stages of the current political climate to identify strategies and provide tools that create winning campaigns. Topics detail the alt-right, the history of the modern Republican party, and more, with all chapters featuring a coordinated song recommendation and politically related videos to set readers in the right mood for a campaign revolution.

“If you’re running for office, this book is going to give you lots of information and ideas to help guide you to a successful campaign. If not, I hope that you will gain a new perspective on our United States values of freedom, individualism, patriotism, and progress,” says Morales.

Morales has over 20 years in the business consultancy industry and is running as a progressive candidate for the 2020 elections in the Florida House. He applies these experiences to establish a contemporary approach in turning the tide against Trump’s America.

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