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“I’m not here to play politics, I’m here to do the right thing for our people, and our state.” - Ryan Morales

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About Me

About Ryan Morales

Family man and small business owner of DelPuma, a marketing and business management firm located in the Green Swamp of Florida. A well-known cannabis activist and big-time animal lover, Ryan has also specialized in internet development and cybersecurity for over 25 years. Ryan’s management experience, and ability to think outside the box make him the ideal candidate to manage over the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Ryan Morales - FL House Democratic Candidate District 32

I Fight For Florida

 I fight to Defend The Sacred – our land, our water, our animals, and most importantly I fight for you and your loved ones! 

The Issues

What I Fight For


I'm in full support of the full legalization of Marijuana. Home Grow is a must and decriminalization along with the release of any incarcerated due to possession needs to be done!

Green Harvesting

Why burn when you can get paid for the biowaste and help make the world a better place? Burning is not essential to farming when there is a better solution that pays you for it. Biofuels are the way to go!

Clean Waters

Clean water is not just a human right but necessary for the life of our planet and everything it provides us. We can mitigate the pollution through natural methods and start fixing the problems at the root.

Precision Agriculture

The future is Precision Agriculture. We need to be smart to help eliminate runoff and wasted money by knowing exactly what we need in order to grow optimal produce or livestock. Keep track of livestock and their vitals. Keep track of soil, temperature, and variables needed.

Medicinal Psychedelics

Magic mushrooms and similar need to be legalized for medicinal use. Vets, Police, Fire, and EMTs and benefiting from Microdosing. It is safe and is not addictive. It is a way to get away from opioids which harms many people here in Florida.

Improved BMPs

I have heard the complaints and I will work with the team to help improve the current Best Management Practices. We need to address the issues based on the size of the farms and assist where we are needed to keep things moving.

Lawn 2 Garden

Why spend so much time and $$ on something that gives you nothing in return?? Let's start transforming our lawns into gardens and help make food abundant to help the many that go hungry around the state. Let's end food hunger together!

Scammer Protection

Theives have gotten smarter and better with newer technology. We need to be ahead of the game at all times and make sure we hold violators accountable for their actions especially when they defraud our people.

Invasive Species

The only immigrants we need to be shipping out are the ones destroying our local ecology. These invasive species keep decimating our crops and our local wildlife. I will do everything I can to eradicate these problems and restore our state.

Small Farm Incentives

As development continues our farms are getting smaller and we need to adjust our laws and programs to fit the needs of all different size farms. We need to help the small farms working hard to provide for many in our state.

Florida #1

Over 300 products raised and grown locally plus all the amazing small business owners that have popped up, there is no reason why Florida shouldn't be the #1 economy in the US! Under my watch, I will help propel small business owners ahead.

Carry Conceal Program

My administration will continue to check ALL applicants and run appropriate background checks before issuing permits. We need to continue to push for more gun safety education in our schools and among all our constituents.


Experienced, Honest, Caring, & Full of Ideas

Ryan’s journey in life has not been an easy one but he has never given up. Skill and determination always got Ryan through the toughest of times. His experience and his ingenuity set him apart from the competition and really makes him the perfect candidate for your next Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services here in Florida.

Years in Management
Years in Marketing
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There are many people who support Ryan and look forward to the improvements he will bring to the state to help it become a Greener and Safer place for all Flordians.
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